3 Tips for Honoring Your Own Boundaries

Boundaries matter, and it’s important to remember that they exist to support (not limit) us. The self-Love generated from honoring our own boundaries is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves, our relationships, our work & creative expression.

Communicating boundaries in ANY situation requires courage and a leap of faith. The other person could say no, be reactive, or not understand your request. If you’re not used to regularly expressing your needs in this way, it can feel quite intimidating.

This said, acknowledging your natural boundaries frees you up to trust yourself (and your partner) at much deeper levels. We all experience a greater feeling of safety when we know our needs are agreed-to and respected.

Try these 3 tips for honoring your own natural boundaries:

1. Practice

Communicating your boundaries may feel risky, or bring up doubt the moment before you summon the courage to speak-up. As long as you’re sharing from a grounded, present state of self-Love, you’re on the right track. Remember that most people are going to respond with gratitude and appreciation for seeing you model greater self-Love and care, as it gives them permission to do the same.


2. Ground in self-Love

Honoring yourself in any situation is a powerful exercise in self-Love. When we know what’s right for us and act on it, we’re continuously affirming that we matter & deserve to live our best Life. Support this process by engaging in self-pleasure practices, such as savoring a cup of tea, giving yourself loving touch, or anything else that helps you feel grateful for being alive and in your body. (For more on activating our Self-Love, click HERE)


3. Don’t be afraid to let-go of toxic relationships

Most people who desire to be in your life at a deep, intimate level are going to respect that you’re speaking your truth in order to take better care of yourself. This doesn’t mean that every person you love will want to agree to every boundary you request, but they’ll at least be able to hear you and respect where you’re coming from. If speaking your boundaries “gets you in trouble,” with someone, or they have an ongoing negative reaction, this is a valuable opportunity to take some space from this person and evaluate your relationship.

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