Ariel White Artist Feature: Beauty, Peace, Space

Poetry Feature: Beauty, Peace, Space.

Beauty, Peace, Space.

Space invites Beauty, breeds Peace
Poetic, silent, still
Who are the “true artists”?
Is it those who feel everything
Or those who feel just the right amount

Watching the horizon
Not moving towards it
Not moving away
Allowing the light to do the moving
As the earth rolls;
Turning over on her fragrant belly
Scents of Life and war
The mother that holds
The full spectrum of humanity
Like a frightened child in her lap
However she cannot comfort us by saying
“Shhh… there, there, that was just a nightmare…”
She can only hold us long enough to give us the resolve
To look at the reality of what we’ve created:
The Beauty and the love,
The famine and the rape,
The spectacles and the loneliness,
The joy and the abject suffering,
The beast of consumption munching up her flesh
Right to our seat as we lay cradled in her lap.

“There, there… this is only your creation…
And as creators, you can destroy what no longer serves and create anew.”

“But where do I turn when my inspiration is exhausted—
when I feel frightened and alone…?”

“Go nowhere—turn in—find space.
Allow Beauty to inform you—and proceed with Peace in your heart…
In these most urgent times, do not fall into the trap of urgency.
Create Space, trust Beauty, follow Peace.”

~ Ariel White

Imagery: Collaboration between Amant and Sivitri Multimedia