4 Tips for Awakening Creative Expression

When was the last time you creatively expressed yourself? Perhaps it was through singing along with the radio, writing, or cooking a gorgeous meal. Maybe you wrote a short-story, chose to dance instead of standing still, or deeply connected with a Lover to share your Truth.

Or perhaps its been awhile since you let yourself shine?

Creativity is the gateway to a fully expressed, embodied life. And Pleasure is one of the most powerful vehicles for accessing our inner, uninhibited potential ~ for connecting with, and then embodying, our life’s purpose.

One of the most significant ways to connect with this Creativity is through discovering what YOU find enjoyable in your own body, developing this sensitivity, and allowing your enjoyment to spill over into all areas of your life.

To further unleash your Creativity, try practicing these tips:

1. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure!!

Anything having to do with embodied sensuality, where we are present and genuinely enjoying the sensations of being alive, is a natural access point to our Creativity. Self massage, stretching on the earth, scrubbing your body in the shower, singing your heart out, savoring each bite of food with deep presence, feeling a light breeze caressing your skin… Pleasure is one of the most powerful, natural accesses to expression, creativity, and Beauty available to us. Cultivate it daily.

2. Generosity

Consider giving generously to yourself as equally important to giving to others. Very often we give and give to others, but deny giving ourselves the very things we most need. Self-Love. Pleasure. Creative expression. Movement. Beauty. The more generous we are with ourselves, the more we can give to others from a place of abundantly loving resource, rather than depletion. When we tap into our channel of generosity, we lay the groundwork for more fluid and embodied connections with ourselves and others, which tunes us back into our most creative expressions.

3. Adventure

Break up your Routines! Adventure feeds the spirit. One of the greatest things we can do when feeling stuck, bored, in a rut, or unable to access our creativity is to step into the unexpected. Whether this means taking a hike somewhere you’ve never been, exploring your city with fresh eyes, making Love in new ways, or taking up photography, just do it! Anything that helps you re-calibrate your “comfort zone” & live in the moment is amazing for enhancing creativity.

4. Practice

Make a list of the times in your life when you’ve felt most creatively expressed. These moments are telling ~ they remind you of a feeling which can be recaptured here and now. Perhaps you felt extremely free and expressed while traveling in a different country. Or that time you learned how to play guitar, fell in Love, or spent an hour massaging your body. The opportunities for creative expression are abundant, and simply by writing these moments down, you give yourself space to return to this state & recreate it in your current life.
So next time you’re feeling stuck or out of touch with your creative flow, remember to practice self-pleasure in all its forms as a vehicle for unleashing your vibrance. There’s so much Love, joy, and abundance to be experienced. We hope these tips help!

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