Better Sex Begins with You

If you think about it, sex is something nearly all of us have been conditioned to believe we need to become “good at”, as if pleasure and connection were not natural states. Go to any grocery store and you’ll find countless magazines with results-driven titles like, “10 Tips to Blow His Mind!”, “The 7 Best Orgasm Tips” and “How to be Amazing in Bed!”. Chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve tried some of these tips & techniques. Most of us have, with varying results.

The articles themselves are generally filled with suggestions on how to give your partner greater physical pleasure, and (possibly), tips on how to increase your own satisfaction.

But there’s a catch…

Sex is not mechanical, and for women especially, pleasure isn’t something that is sourced from the outside. There will never be a series of external techniques that will genuinely make you feel sexy, let alone to give you continuous access to your inner Lover and deep, sensual core. We are (not) sorry to say, it just doesn’t work that way.

Great sex, whether alone or with a partner, has little to do with technique. It has everything to do with connection and attunement, beginning with yourself. You will discover it is much less about licking his ear three times while stroking his chest in a clockwise motion, and much more about tuning-in to the Lover within you and the Lover you’re sharing an experience with, allowing sensual energy to flow between your bodies.

  • Get to know your inner Lover.
  • Invite her out to play, and see where her desire leads you.
  • Practice turn-on.
  • Let it guide you.

Explore the vast array of sensations you’re able to access in your precious body. Get in touch with what pleasure authentically means for you, and what feels sexy to you inside and outside of the bedroom. Be creative and explore!

When we fully tune-in to our own inner Lover, we naturally connect with our desire, freedom, and Pleasure. From this place, we find ourselves organically and creatively moving our bodies with partners in ways that are mutually, orgasmically mind-blowing.
If you want more pleasure and a richer sex-life, you have to look inside of yourself first.

Remember, sex is a Natural State.

When we step out of the default paradigm where sex is something that we DO to one another, and shift our awareness to sex being something we ARE with each other, an amazing thing happens: we begin to tap into the soul of sex, the very source of Us.

In order to have the best sex of your life, you need to be fully present, in your body, and connected to your authentic desire. Better sex begins with letting go of externally-based pleasure paradigms, connecting deeply with your inner Lover, and getting intimate with your own sexy core. From there, we open to limitless avenues to experience incredible pleasure in sex and in Life.

So what are you waiting for? Access to limitless pleasure is quite literally at your fingertips. All it takes is curiosity, commitment, and a willingness to fully, fearlessly, and authentically take a stand for the Lover in You.

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