10 Signs You’re a Sex Goddess

1. You Take Pleasure from All Things Sensual


A warm cup of tea, brushing your hair, moving to your favorite music, melting into the taste of a bite of chocolate even slower than the chocolate melts…

You love experiencing the world through your body and your senses. You take your time and spend ample moments pampering yourself and FEELING the pleasure this brings you.

Sometimes you even lay out under the sun naked, stretching like a cat, basking in the golden rays that feed your body and soul.

You are the Sensual Sex Goddess.

2. Your Yes Means YES and Your No Means NO.

Not only do you know how to ask for what you want in the bedroom (and in life), you trust your own boundaries and say “No” when you need to!

Even if it’s sometimes hard to say “No” or doesn’t feel polite, you honor yourself and are committed to taking care of YOU, first and foremost.

You are the Empowered Sex Goddess.

3. You Love Turning YOURSELF (& Others) On.

You make no apologies for the fact that you are a sexual being living in a body that gets TURNED ON. You’re comfortable experiencing passion and pleasure, and share this delight with others.

You get turned on in many ways: erotically, creatively, sensually, intellectually, and by making a difference in the world.

You feel activated, on purpose, and full of energy. You know that your SEX is an access point to connect to your purpose and passion, in bed AND in life.

You are the Activated Sex Goddess.

4. You Let Your SOUND Out During Sex.

You’ve evolved your sexual expression past the “be quick and quiet so you don’t get caught” phase, and you let your inner Lover SING out her delight.

You let pleasure move through your body with the full range of your sounds. Orgasmic, primal, roars, screams, cries, and love croons… You know that one of the hottest ways to feel the full scope of your sexual ecstasy is by allowing your Sound to reign free.

Your partner loves your sounds and even learns to open up more by listening to you. And if you have nearby neighbors, you figure it’s good for them to hear the sounds of pleasure once in a while… Hey, it might even inspire a pleasure revolution!

You are the Expressed Sex Goddess.

5. You have a “Magnetic Draw” that Manifests Amazing Things in Your Life.

It might be hard for them to describe, but if you were to survey your friends they’d agree that there’s something “magical” about you. You seem to have an ability to manifest your deepest desires, drawing towards you the key ingredients to make your dreams materialize.

While you may be good at going out and getting what you want, you realize that a more effective approach is when you are still, tapping into your sensual radiance and feminine flow, letting what you desire to naturally come to you.

You are the Magnetic Sex Goddess.

6. You give YOURSELF Wild Sex Hair.

It takes two to tango… but it only takes One (and a willingness get wild with yourself) to have mind-blowing, hair-tousling sex!

Solo-sex doesn’t scare you, and in fact, you relish the opportunity to romance your very own body and draw out sensual delights as only you know how.

You give “selfie” a whole new definition after you catch a glimpse of your very own sex hair masterpiece!

You are the Wild Sex Goddess.

7. Feeling Good is More Important Than Looking Good.

While it’s fun to get dolled up, you know that where the gold lies is in how you’re feeling. You tend to your inner garden, juicing yourself up, and recognizing that true beauty and bliss comes from the inside out.

You are in touch with your inner sexy core and you access the most pleasure out of feeling deeply, and sharing this depth with others. You know that sexy is a state of being… And you are happy to BE.

You are the illuminated Sex Goddess.

8. You are Sex-Positive.

Whether you’re outgoing or reserved isn’t the point at all. It’s all in how you embody sex, how you accept others’ sexuality, how honest you are, and how you shine as a beacon of truth and compassion when it comes to sex and sensuality.

You might not be known as the ultimate sexpert, but either way, people feel safe around you to be themselves. And if sex does come up in a conversation, you’re happy to talk to others about it in a way that’s inspiring and helpful.

You are the Compassionate Sex Goddess.

9. Sex is a Meditation for You

For you, sex is a gateway into present moment awareness, where you experience yourself as infinite. You release all goals and allow yourself to simply be — breathing, connecting, and dancing in union with your Lover, your spirit, and all that exists.
You release all agendas in Lovemaking, experiencing a delightful death of ego and rebirth into deeper presence, pleasure, and expression.

Sex can be a timeless sea of expanded sensation, where your mind completely dissolves. At other times you become hyper-aware, and deep insight emerges from the throws of pleasure, dripping with inspiration and invigorated expression.

You are the Tapped-In Sex Goddess.

10. You are More Interested in Liberation than Safety.

You aren’t afraid to be yourself. And even if you are scared sometimes, you choose to be authentic and expressed in your sexuality anyway, rather than trying to please others.
You use boundaries as a means of creating templates to express yourself and access more freedom, rather than falling into the illusion of comfort set forth by limiting, outdated roles.
You are willing to move through uncomfortable feelings, such as jealousy, as a means to grow and know yourself and your Lovers at deeper levels.

You’re not interested in “playing it safe” just to avoid discomfort — and you’re available to show up for your Lover’s authentic process, too.

You are the Authentic Sex Goddess.