Artist Feature: Celebrate First!

Celebrate First

where to buy antabuse online Dance!
and only after she has said goodbye
take inventory on what you have created with your Muse
don’t confuse creative abandon with calculated risk
creation requires death every time

order finasteride 1mg letting go of the identity that binds you to the functional world
who you think you are is irrelevant
in the humble rebirth of your expression
the art of your soul will burst out of secret nooks and crannies
Transforming the flicker of Life itself Mysterious
once led, turned inspired now
Creating an altar of worship where
Devotion means being lost in savant surrender
Atavistic artist consumed by a stroke of genius

Blind to the chaos of the world
seamlessly birthing the beauty of celebrating first
circumstance crumbles
Feast or famine
she asks no questions
and answers fewer still

wait not a second longer
the cost of playing small will kill you
before the world yawns a crystal dawn
let yourself be empty
filled and drunk on her scent alone
Remember the colors. the Light. the Sound.

be moved
Slow, smooth, fast
held accountable
her gaze captures you to set you free
no turning back
lost in the world of men
home with your multiversal oracle: dangerous, wise, free.

the critics will always be critics
whether you are liberated or enslaved
so be loved alone for what you are
do not apologize for the wild song of your Muse
that has you moving in a rhythm
only your soul was designed to dance.

(c) Ariel A. White

Painting by Jozette Inanna Angelique

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