Experience Greater Pleasure in Your Body Through Movement

When was the last time you danced just for you?

When we’re feeling stressed, fatigued or simply in a funk, movement can be one of the fastest, most joyful ways to re-energize and connect with our bodies. It also helps us reconnect with our own sensual Pleasure and the joys of being alive.

As we literally “shake off” stress and tension, we’re more easily able to access the present moment — a space filled with greater happiness, awareness of our bodies, and reconnection to our authentic sensuality. It’s that easy!

Try the simple Movement Practice below, and see how differently you feel afterwards!

1. Begin by finding a private spot where you feel comfortable, and play any type of music that inspires you.

2. Next, slowly rock your hips, deepening into the awareness of your body’s sensations and how they respond to the music.

If you’d like, you can trace your fingers across your skin, paying attention to the pressure of your touch and what sensation feels best.

3. Try gently caressing your neck, shoulders, breasts, belly and legs to the music, or running your hands through your hair. Allow yourself to begin feeling energized and turned ON by your movements!

4. Allow the intelligence of your body to inform you of how it wants to move… and explore from there!

There’s no right or wrong — simply allow yourself to explore your body’s unique sensual dance, and enjoy the energy and peace that comes from feeling fully alive, sexy, and present in this precious moment. And most importantly, have FUN!

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