How to Be Less Bitchy & More Witchy

Feeling irritated or overwhelmed? Many of us can feel “bitchy” at times. Today, let’s have an honest conversation about why bitchiness matters, and what you can do to feel more grounded when it arises.

First of all, your inner bitch is here for a reason, and should be honored. She can show you when something’s off, acting as a messenger, reminding you of what you need to give yourself if you want to experience more ease, pleasure, & joy in your life. Underneath the snarl, she reminds you to get back in touch with your own sensual, wild, creative nature.

I think we’re all pretty familiar with the inner ‘bitch’ feels like… but what is that sensual, wild creative part? Your inner witch!

I dunno about you, but I like the idea of being less bitchy & more witchy…

Your inner “witch” is the part of you who’s connected to nature, your intuition, other women and never doubts whether your Love is received.

This is the part of you that feels good establishing healthy boundaries in the moment, practices emotional responsibility, creates with inspiration and relishes feeling pleasure in your body. She enjoys engaging in alchemy, whether that’s through creating art, combining flavors in the kitchen, or making love.

So next time you’re feeling resentful, irritable, or otherwise bitchy, take a moment to reconnect with yourself. Rather than placing your attention outside of yourself by goin into blame or frustration, try pulling the reins back into your own hands & give yourself some nuturing attention!

You Can Start With this Simple Practice: 

Stand outside with your bare feet on the earth. As you exhale, visualize yourself releasing resentment, blame, exhaustion, and anything else that’s making you feel contracted or unavailable to life.

As you inhale, feel the earth. Focus on your womb, and imagine yourself inhaling sunlight (or moonlight) & the freshness of the air into this beautiful part of your body.

Next, take a few minutes to visualize an ancient time before the onslaught of technology and patriarchy. Imagine a world where you’d often walk barefoot on the earth, living among bonded groups of women who pick herbs, bleed, and share stories & song together.

Try to imagine what it would feel like to live in total harmony with the cycles of nature: with the sun, the moon, and the seasons.

After you’ve taken a moment to sink into this feeling (of your own inner “witchiness”), ask yourself, “how can I bring more of this into my daily life?”

Your answer will be totally unique. It might be a special cup of tea that you brew every morning, practicing greater emotional impeccability, standing barefoot on the earth once a day, or spending more time with other women who are also committed to embodiment and self-expression.

Remember to practice emotional responsibility and not stifle your emotions. Bitchiness often comes from not expressing & suppressing needs & boundaries. You have every right to speak your needs right here and now, first to yourself, and then to others.

Now, go ahead and enjoy practicing your own unique, beautiful form of witchy creative self-expression! We can’t wait to hear all about.

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