No Matter What, It All Comes Back to Love

Life can get complicated. Sometimes we get caught up in waves of stress and struggle and forget what it’s all about. We might feel overwhelmed, anxious, or insecure. And this is just part of being human.

When we lose balance or connection with ourselves, it can be helpful to remember this one simple thing:

It all comes back to LOVE. Simple, profound, deep and natural Love.

There are so many reasons to develop our own connection to Love, to get in touch with our inner Lover. We may want to feel more pleasure and sensation in our bodies. We might crave better Sex, or deeper intimacy with our partners. And often, we simply want to feel more connected to Life, at peace, and attuned to the Beauty within and all around us.

Connecting with our own inner source of Love, (having a relationship with our inner Lover), can bring us all this and more.

When we tap into this abundance of Love within, it can open up pathways to feeling more alive. The emotions that arise may feel overwhelming as we connect more deeply to feeling Life. We may feel more empathy for others, or desire to dance, sing, and even cry. We might find ourselves wanting to make Love with our partners, or ourselves, tenderly, passionately, or wildly for hours on end. We may see the colors of Life more vividly and feel greater Love and presence in our relationships.

When we are feeling more connected to our inner Lover we often will feel inspired to create: art, poetry, delicious food, channels of contribution, music, and greater opportunities for self-expression.

This all comes from regularly tending to our own inner source of Love and embodied Pleasure. From romancing our inner Lover and feeling nourished by this relationship to self.

Here’s a simple practice for accessing more Love in daily life:

Practice for Embodied Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotional state that can transform almost anything. But sometimes simply thinking of what we’re grateful for (or writing it down), isn’t enough to help us change our state. We need to really feel it in our bodies and move with it, from an embodied perspective.

This is where the practice of sensual, embodied gratitude can make a huge difference. And it can be done at any time!

Begin by placing yourself somewhere Beautiful — out in nature, or in a room you feel inspired by and comfortable in. You might want to play some inspiring music, light a candle, or anoint yourself with essential oils.

Focus on your breath and connect to your intention to feel your body’s gratitude for being alive. Following your breath, begin slowly moving your body, allowing it to undulate and roll exactly as it chooses. You may find your torso curving, or your hips gently rocking. You might discover your hands want to touch your belly, or chest, or that your body wants to stretch or do gentle yoga. Allow any sensations or emotions to arise naturally without needing to control or understand them.

As you continue focusing on sensation, begin feeling (or imagining) the Pleasure your body generates as it moves. Breathe slowly and deepen into connection with your body, allowing your chest and heart to soften with each breath. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

Tune into this pleasurable movement and allow yourself to really feel gratitude for your body and its presence, for your heart and its emotions. Express thanks for your ability to feel. You can even say out loud, “thank you body for feeling!”

Notice if any resistance or fear comes up as you create space to feel more. Just smile in acknowledgement, and comfort yourself by reaffirming that you are safe to feel. Reconnect with your breath.

Continue gently connecting to gratitude through sensation until you begin to sense more energy and Pleasure opening in your body. From here, imagine expanding this feeling of gratitude to the include the natural Beauty of your body, yourself, your heart, and Life the Life that fills you.

Allow this gratitude to move naturally however it wants through your body, eventually coming to a resting place of stillness.

You may want to end the practice by resting one hand on your heart, one hand on your womb, spending a couple minutes lying on the earth, or writing some notes or insights into your journal.

We hope pleasure practices like this can support you in returning, again and again, to your Beautiful heart & inner Lover. Remember that no matter what, it always comes back to Love.