Photography you can trust

Amant is committed to producing authentic, non-retouched images that represent true beauty and celebrates women’s naturalness.

We recognize the power that images have to influence and shape reality. Nowadays, every magazine cover is retouched and just about every image we see in the media has been manipulated, spreading a false ideal of beauty. At Amant we think it is a tragedy that status quo media bombards us with images of women that are not authentic, anything but natural, and not even possible in reality.

cheap proscar online Amant is devoted to creating a space where women feel confident and shame-free around their bodies. A place where they can begin to discover, see, and express their own true beauty.

We will never retouch any of our images, ever!

  • No alterations or swapping out of any body parts.
  • No manipulating of body shape: no stretching, reducing or extending.
  • No changing of skin texture.
  • No removing of wrinkles, loose skin, skin folds, cellulite, blemishes, moles, birth marks, stretch marks, scars and veins.

Photography before the the digital age

buy Lyrica We do, however, regard photography as an artistic medium and will use techniques that were available in the traditional darkroom before the digital age, but nothing else.

Today, the raw digital file of an image would be the equivalent to a film negative. In traditional photography one would ‘print’ the negative in the darkroom. This is where the photographer could enhance the image by controlling exposure (light), contrast, and saturation (color). The photographer could also lighten and darken selective parts of the image by using techniques called ‘burning’ and ‘dodging’.

Examples of different stages in image development:



General adjustments applied to the overall image.



Slight selective burning and dodging.

Through artful, authentic representations of ourselves we learn to love our bodies, celebrate our naturalness, and truly connect with our True Beauty…it is from this empowered and honest place that we can expand our capacity for experiencing more pleasure, love, and intimacy in our lives.