Whole Beauty

Some would say that feeling beautiful is a product of our wholeness… and yet the experience of our own Beauty helps us feel whole and home within ourselves. It’s a slight chicken and egg scenario; what comes first, our Beauty or wholeness? Or are they one and the same?

Part of wholeness is feeling at home within ourselves and simultaneously connected to everything in the universe. In this state, the illusion of separation (feeling separate from our deepest selves and others), falls away and living in Beauty becomes the most natural thing.

Maintaining this natural state comes back to day-to-day practices and the moment-to-moment choices we are making: are we choosing pleasure? Are we choosing generosity with our love? Are we choosing trust, love, and all the elements that tap us into experiencing our Beauty on a daily basis?

The modern world has very warped ideas of Beauty. We are taught to focus on external surfaces and to seek feedback from our outside environment. We’re taught that beauty lies in comparison and competition with other women. We judge ourselves against manipulated images of artificial “Beauty”, and then wonder why we feel insecure and shut off from our joy and radiance.

While shutting off this illusory mental chatter and tuning into our real Beauty can be as simple as allowing a pleasurable moan to move through our body, it’s not to say that choosing to access our intrinsic Beauty is always easy. Each time we choose to feel our Beauty and generously create acts of Beauty in the world around us, we’re essentially dissolving the very structure of modern life. We are opening new pathways for radiance to shine through and transcend the commercialized, consumer-driven culture of “not enough.” We are ushering forth a revolution. And it can feel super edgy.

There are entire industries (billion dollar industries) banking on women not connecting with their intrinsic, natural, life-given Beauty.

If all women woke up tomorrow morning appreciating themselves fully, expressing their Pleasure, and feeling wholly Beautiful, how many products would stop selling over night? How many TV programs would stop airing? How many celebrities would be dethroned?

Connecting to our Beauty is a daily practice. Here at Amant, we still find ourselves slipping into comparison and self-judgement at times, however we now recognize that these thoughts aren’t true. When we judge ourselves, these feelings of shame or self-loathing may feel real in the moment, however they are not actually true… and it is up to us to consistently and adamantly choose self-nourishing Pleasure, creating the space to slow down and feel our Beauty from the inside out.

We believe that what is natural and healthy for male animals (humans) is different than what is natural and healthy for female animals. Consider peacocks. Male peacocks are flashy and colorful as can be. With an ornate fan of sparkling jewels as their tail, they strut around and flash their colors with gusto in an attempt to grab the attention of potential mates (ever heard of the term Peacocking?) However, the female is quite drab. Or one could say, natural and unassuming. She has brown feathers and is nothing to write home to Vogue about. But this is not because female peacocks are ugly or need retouching. It’s because in nature, the female animal is holding an intrinsic value that has nothing to do with superficial exteriors. She is the origin of life. It is a matter of trusting what she feels and selecting a mate that sparks her desire.

The female animal is the source and vortex of life itself. She doesn’t need to be running around contorting herself to fit into some external locus of Beauty, when nature’s design is for her to relax into this natural, intrinsic life-giving force instead. So while a certain degree of competition and jousting might be completely natural and healthy for the male animal, modern true-life tales have shown that these same methods are destructive and utterly devastating when implemented by the female animal.

The modern world was built on patriarchal values and tries to box women into this postering and externally focused form of Beauty. However, where we thrive as women is in focusing on how we feel moment-to-moment in our bodies. We can connect to our true Beauty by focusing on behaviors and actions that bring us deeper into embodied presence and Pleasure.

Beauty is the ripened fruit of the internal cultivation of Pleasure, radiating magnetism from the inside out.

Here’s a practice to explore:

Imagine yourself sinking into your womb. Breathing into this potent, fertile space, imagine your inner Lover is waiting here to meet you. Come face to face with your inner Lover. Allow yourself to witness her supreme Beauty… utterly natural from her being fully at home and whole within herself. She is not only safe to shine so bright, but loves it. Shining brings her Pleasure.

Embrace your inner Lover and feel yourself melting into each other, becoming One. Recognize that you ARE this Lover… Beautiful beyond compare… Worthy of Pleasure, rooted in your sovereignty, expressed through your naturalness, home in wholeness within your very own skin.

Each breath is a new moment to begin loving yourself completely, freshly, as a mystery pulsing with inspiration. Allow yourself to remember a moment where you felt the truth of your Beauty. Melt the timeline and allow that feeling to register right here and now. Embody this knowing fully, even if it requires imagining the truth of your Beauty for the first time in this very moment. Allow yourself to connect to your undeniable Beauty as real, available, and accessible right now. Breathe into this. Drink in the nourishing sense of your own Beauty with each breath. Feel the wholeness of being home and resting within your truest, most Beautiful self.

Now ask yourself, what makes you feel most Beautiful? Is it singing? Self pleasuring? Collecting garbage while you explore nature? Dancing under the moon?

Create a list and write down what comes to you. This is your Personal Beauty List.

Exploring and expressing our Beauty is a lifelong practice. We encourage you to tune-in regularly to your Personal Beauty List and use it as a reminder when you forget the truth of how Beautiful you really are. You can keep adding to this list as time goes on, as what makes you feel Beautiful is certainly boundless.

Remember that Beautiful is a feeling. So, notice in your day-to-day life what softens you, relaxes you, opens your expression and radiance, and then follow this trail back home to your Beauty. You deserve to feel Beautiful. This is, after all, the truth of who you are… And the more you live in Beauty, the more Beauty will be unleashed and freed in the world at large.

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