You Can’t Have Compassion Without This…

In a chaotic world, it’s more important then ever to remember that Love, Compassion and Kindness are still abundant and everywhere, despite the fact that suffering is commonplace.

How can we blossom in a world that can sometimes feel so harsh?

Well, the answer, first and foremost, is through cultivating Loving Boundaries.

For the Lover, boundaries are an essential part of deepening connection ~ with ourselves, with our partners, and with the world at Large.

Without boundaries, our compassion & ability to fully connect has limits. We allow ourselves to be drawn into situations we don’t necessarily feel comfortable, safe, or honored in. In honoring our own boundaries first and foremost, we are clearly stating that our own self-Love MATTERS. And from this place, we have so much more to give to those who may benefit from our care, Love, and attention… because we’ve abundantly honored these needs within OURSELVES. We can be vulnerable in our heart’s truest expression.

Check out this video clip by Dr. Brene Brown on compassion, empathy, and the importance of boundaries. As she says, “Empathy minus boundaries is not empathy. Compassion minus boundaries is not genuine. Vulnerability without boundaries is not vulnerability… Boundaries are not division. They’re respect.”

And for more tips on cultivating boundaries in loving relationships, check out our article, “Communicating Boundaries” here.

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